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The Fox Chase Town Watch is a non-profit organization established in 1995 by volunteers in the community to address the safety and the quality of life issues that affect the well being of the Fox Chase residents.  The base operation is located at Jeanes Hospital located at 7600 Central Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111.


Since 1998 the Fox Chase Town Watch has been involved in the "911" System and helped implement a City wide educational service to educate children and adults on the new system and and how to provide information when calling "911."


Our Philosophy

The objective of our organization is to provide our community with a safe and improved quality of life.  We hope you will enjoy visiting our website and the information that has been posted is useful to you.

Our Members

Membership is offered to those people over the age of 18 who either reside or maintain an interest in the community.  Members receive the finest training available and learn many things in regard to law enforcement.  The number one rule that a Town Watcher learns is that he or she is not an officer of the law, but are the "eyes and ears" of the Police.  Being a member of Town Watch has many rewards.  The most important is acquiring a sense of pride knowing that you are giving to your community.

Operation Town Watch

Citizens often ask, "How can I help the Police?"  Our answer is to actively participate in Our Town Watch Program.  By doing so, you can help prevent crime and apprehend criminals.

Like the town watchman of colonial Philadelphia, each citizen must take an active interest in protecting their neighbors and be willing to give their time and effort to this volunteer activity. Our patrolling hours no longer consist of a rigid schedule of the traditional Friday-Saturday nights. While some members continue to patrol a traditional town watch schedule, many of our volunteers have chosen to patrol non-traditional hours which allows us to see and report suspicious activity 7 days a week.  

We call on you to join the Police Department's Town Watch and help us to keep Fox Chase a safe neighborhood.


Seeking Volunteers

Town Watch is a completely safe and rewarding way to support our neighborhood, learn about policing standards and to meet some great people dedicated to preserving Fox Chase.  While a monthly commitment is desirable you can patrol whenever your schedule allows.  You can patrol once a month or once a year.  You can patrol randomly as you go out each day conducting your daily business.  You can work from your house and help with communications.


Let's preserve our community and keep everyone safe.  If you have an hour or two to spare, or simply want to be a "block captain" give us a call and we will stop by and sign you up!


Our Exective Board

Stephen Phillips, President

John Duffy, Vice President –

Mike Bobby, Vice President- Community Clean Up/Anti-Graffiti

Edward Sullivan, C.P.A. Treasurer

Presently vacant, Recording Secretary


Contact Us

P.O. Box 56528, Philadelphia, PA 19111
Special Thanks to Nicole Phillips for maintaining this web site for the betterment of the Fox Chase Community!